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Parking Guidance System

We all know that anyone who has a vehicle has experienced a hard time finding vacant parking spaces. Sometimes, it can create problems, and in worst cases, it can lead to injury.

Finding a car park closest to your destination can significantly save your time. Not only that; it also helps reduce your effort, especially if you have heavy baggage to carry.

Also, for people who have special needs and limited movements, a free car park is not enough, and the closest car park is essential for them.

For these reasons, we, at Alaola Security & Safety Equipment where the best parking guidance system suppliers, have developed the most efficient and latest parking system applicable to all parking garages from your single-level parking lots to multi level parking garages. Like in Airports, seaports, shopping malls, hospitals, stadiums, campuses, and city garages, we will solve your parking space worries.

Alaola Security & Safety Equipment parking guidance system will guide an individual or the driver towards the car park’s closest vacant parking space. This system provides clear visual indicators from a distance.

With our 18 years of experience in the industry, we at the Alaola Security & Safety Equipment and our partner, ParkHelp, have developed a competitive parking guidance system thatcan provide the following:

For travelers:

  • Clear signage to the free vacant bay closest to their destination
  • Clear signage to the best available car park
  • Time-saving methods for the driver

For car park owners:

  • Smooth traffic flow
  • Stress-free and happier visitors
  • Better drive aisle usage
  • Better utilization of parking spaces

Alaola Security & Safety Equipment and ParkHelp is the best commercial parking system supplier in the market today. We are the leading parking guidance system suppliers and can provide the most suitable and efficient system for each application.

Our objective at Alaola Security & Safety Equipment is to be the leading commercial parking system suppliers of outstanding usability, reliability, and quality. Our group of experts and professionals have more than 15 years of experience in developing parking lot solutions.

Our system offers a live update of information to visitors in your parking lot. This information will be communicated in the displays in the parking lot, providing them instructions and directions. The presentations we provide are of high quality, outstanding reliability, and high visibility with transparent screens suited for any weather conditions that only require minimal maintenance.

Our basic parking guidance system consists of:

  • Electronic sensor
  • Pilot light
  • Controller
  • Display
  • Software for management and analysis

Even with our basic parking guidance system, not only can we greatly enhance the car park visitor experience, but as well as the owners’.

This system can also positively impact the parking lot of the city and the city itself where our system is installed. With this system, the host city has:

  • Better traffic flow
  • Minimal congestion
  • Reduced sound, light, and air pollution
  • Drivers can directly go to free spaces
  • Drivers can save time
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