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Lighting Control

Lighting controls are a range of smart lighting devices that can regulate the levels, quality and characteristics of light in a defined space. These smart devices aid in reducing electricity wastage while simultaneously encouraging energy efficiency.

For instance, the leading LED lighting manufacturers claim that using lighting controls can reduce the total energy consumption by almost 35%. Moreover, these devices aim to enhance user comfort and aid in the development of a functional, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing space.

Different Options for Lighting Controls


Dimmers are fairly inexpensive solutions to costs savings. They allow the user to adjust lighting levels, from subtly lit to fully illuminated. A dimmer switch alone can save users between 4% and 9% on energy costs as it reduces power consumption when the lights are not using full power at maximum illumination.


When used correctly, a lighting design can use natural daylighting, also known as ambient light, to reduce energy consumption. How? By supplementing artificial lighting with ambient light, you reduce the need to rely solely on electricity to illuminate a space.

Daylight Dimming

That being said, integrating a daylight-dimming sensor can automatically adjust your artificial lighting to shut off certain lights. This helps to make real-time changes and continually adjusts energy consumption based on immediately daylight inputs.

Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors, also known as motion detectors, help reduce energy expenditures in areas that are unoccupied. These sensors automatically detect motion, which triggers lighting to turn on, dim, or turn off based on whether something has moved in a specific amount of time. On average, this can save you 35% to 45% depending on scale of use within your

Time Scheduling

If your business has standard hours, a time schedule may be a great way to save on energy costs. Basic schedulers allow you to set an “on/off” time. However, smarter models allow you to integrate sensors that can help control on/off, lighting levels, and more.

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