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Digital Locks System

The Alaola 3060 stands atop other digital locks system suppliers in Kuwait because it has a stronger security than its competitors. It’s an excellent choice to use in any office doors, and even in any smart home system. It is continuously pushing the limits of door security with top- of-the-line technology.

3060 Digital Locks System

The 3060 fundamentally consists of digital cylinders with built-in receiver, remote control transponders, software, and fingerprint readers, including wireless keypads. The digital locks system is programmed by the software to operate with a transponder or several transponders; all you’ll have to do is click your transponder button to unlock the door.

The 3060 is a fantastic leap forward from the traditional mechanical door lock systems, which poses a significant security risk if keys are lost or copied. Fortunately, with 3060, if any transponder is misplaced, the software will withdraw it. This provides a boost of convenience and safety for the user, as well as functionality.

Remote Monitoring And Access

This sophisticated door locks system offers remote monitoring and access. You can lock and unlock doors even when you are a distance away from the office. The 3060 can be programmed to lock doors at set times during the day,in case you forgot. It also offers remote monitoring apps which can allow users to use their smartphone to check for unlocked doors and lock them from anywhere in the world. Imagine the boost of security and safety; you can unlock doors remotely and quickly with non-destructive access in emergency cases, like when a fire started and police responders need to go in, and you’re away from the office or home.

Basic components:

  • Digital cylinder
  • Transponder
  • Programming Software

The system practically alters the concept of using keys for different doors and carrying multiple keys. One transponder can unlock 64000 cylinders, and any cylinder can be configured to open with several transponders.

An Effective Digital Locks System

As the best digital locks system supplier in Kuwait, 3060 recognizes that both convenience and security play huge roles in an effective digital door lock system.


There is no need to own multiple keys to open multiple doors or to walk around with a bunch of keys. It is no longer applicable with the use of digital door lock systems. Experience hands-free entry and the big perks of coming in easily, even with an armload of groceries or bags.


With a digital door lock system, you have control over when and who has access to your office or home. It allows you to generate a virtual key and disable it as needed giving you heightened security than conventional keys.

The digital lock system is all about convenience and security. Here are other benefits you can get from the digital door locks system.

Main Benefits

Fast installation: remove the old mechanical cylinder and substitute it with the digital door lock system, without damaging the door.

  • Individuals may have a transponder that unlocks the office room door, residence door, conference room door, storage room door, and an office door in another region or country.
  • Seamless protection, as radio data transmission is tap-proof with the new encryption.
  • Less administration work.
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