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Master Central Clock System

In the world we live where crazy is normal, Alaola Security Company can provide you with integrated security solutions. Where almost everything seems like chaos and everything changes, we offer great application-specific systems. Check out for more information about the master clock system of the Alaola Security & Safety Equipment.

Master Clock System

From time attendance systems to the master clock system, Alaola got you covered and synchronized. Our clock system (also called a central clock system) maintains uniform time display in all slave clocks. Like any central clock system, our master clock provides time synchronization in clocks (or some slave clocks).


You can use our master clock system to synchronize any computer servers, Internet Protocol (IP) Telephone System, or any system that needs time accuracy.

As the suppliers, we ensure that we give our clients the best, obtaining the maximum benefit from our solutions through our highly motivated team of engineers and technicians.


In Alaola, our central clock system consists of a master clock unit, digital clock (single side or double side), analog clock (single side or double side), GPS antenna, and software.

In the central clock system, the master clock receives time from an NTP or GPS receiver before it distributes the correct time in all the slave clocks of the master clock system. The signal is being sent to the clocks multiple times a day to ensure they are still uniform or synchronized, not drifting from the accurate time.

Precise Time

The master clock must have the most precise time because it gives the timing reference signals as inputs to be converted and distributed to other devices, so that all the other clocks (or slave clocks) will be as precise as the master clock.

Slave clocks heavily rely on a central clock system for an accurate time. A clock network is a set of synchronized clocks designed to always show the same time by communicating. There are several digital or analog clocks in a master clock system because they communicate on a clock network (maybe a wired serial network, wired pulse signal, or Ethernet network).

The Clock System Software

The software of a clock also has to be the best. We at Alaola, as central clock system suppliers, ensure that every component of the clock system works fine, and it is in the best of qualities because an accurate central clock system is very important in any establishment.

A precise master clock system avoids confusion and disorder since everyone will use it and follow the same source. The suppliers like us play a very critical role in many facilities and establishments, especially airports, train and bus stations, banks, offices (whether big buildings or small ones), hospitals and clinics, schools and universities, department stores and supermarkets, restaurants, and fast-food chains to name a few.

Everyone relies on a central clock system. From synchronizing the time among military men to ensuring the attendance of government officials in every meeting, lawsuit proceeding or hearing by the jury, and court officials, and even for you who work at home or go to the office or school every day, everything depends on a clock.

In Alaola, we ensure to be one of the best master clock system suppliers, maintaining uniformity of time across all the slave clocks in your premises.



What is a master clock system?

A master clock system, also known as a central clock system, is a system that maintains uniform time display in all slave clocks. It provides time synchronization in clocks or other devices that require accurate time. With Alaola’s master clock system, you can ensure that all your clocks are in sync, improving efficiency and accuracy in various applications.

How does a master clock system work?

A master clock system works by sending a time signal to slave clocks or devices. The master clock serves as the reference point for all clocks, ensuring that they display the same time. It can synchronize with other devices such as computer servers, IP telephone systems, and more. By utilizing Alaola’s master clock system, you can easily maintain accurate and synchronized time across your organization, enhancing productivity and coordination.

What are the benefits of using a master clock system?

Using a master clock system offers several benefits, including:
1. Uniform time display: All clocks in the system will show the same time, eliminating discrepancies and confusion.
2. Time accuracy: The master clock ensures that all clocks are synchronized, providing precise time reference for various applications.
3. Improved efficiency: With synchronized time, scheduling and coordination become more efficient, leading to better productivity.
4. Centralized control: The master clock system allows for centralized management and control of time across your organization.

How can a master clock system be used in different applications?

A master clock system can be used in various applications, such as:
1. Time attendance systems: Ensuring accurate time for clocking in/out and attendance tracking.
2. Security systems: Synchronization of access control systems and surveillance devices.
3. Manufacturing processes: Coordinating time-sensitive operations and production lines.
4. Transportation systems: Maintaining accurate schedules and timing for public transportation.
5. Healthcare facilities: Synchronizing medical equipment and patient monitoring systems.

Why choose Alaola’s master clock system?

Alaola’s master clock system stands out for several reasons:
1. High-quality solutions: Our system is designed and developed by a team of skilled engineers and technicians, ensuring reliability and performance.
2. Customized options: We offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements

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