Queue Management System

For customer-oriented Installation, it is more convenient and efficient to use systems that manage and control the flow of customers. Queue management systems are essential in such organizations to avoid facing hassle or large queues.

Alaola offers advanced solutions that make it convenient for businesses to handle and manage customer queues smartly and speedily. Lesser waiting time for customers means faster check-outs, which is what nearly all customers want.

On the other hand, if they have to wait for a longer time to make payments they may consider moving to another business where they can save time. Business today is all about making customers feel comfortable and queue management system can help them in achieving this business objective. Contact us for queries.

Importance of Intelligent Queue Management System

Commercial world relies heavily on customers. Businesses want to see more of them coming in for increased sales and revenue. However, a business has to ensure that customers do not get annoyed at having to wait longer in queues. This is where electronic queue management systems can be of great help.

  • Identifies and record your imminent customers and the services they intend to avail
  • It allows monitoring of the number of visitors in each queue
  • It takes care of customers’ needs, and aids in faster processing
  • Improves productivity and operational expenses
  • Reduced waiting time & enhanced customer experience
  • Real time performance monitoring
  • Helps to save business’ time and money

This efficient (can be cloud-based) system has already made a positive impact in many business places in Kuwait. Our long list of happy and satisfied clients is a testimony to this claim.

Basic Components:

  • Ticket dispenser (classic or LCD).
  • Waiting area displays (LED or Plasma/LCD Monitors).
  • Counter display.
  • Calling unit (Keyboard or PC).
  • Software .


  • Banks, medical centers, Governmental Authorities.