Library Management

Our recording system provides the feature of ‘Voice recording’to any prestigious Banks and financial institutions. Bankers can conduct business calls conveniently, and record the calls using the recording device and/or recording software on a computer. For all this, our customers will have to seek legal permission. The Technology used provides fast and efficient recording for both analogue and/or IP telephones for incoming and outgoing calls. We can assure customers that the recording software features easy-of-use and reliablity. The Telephone recording system is able to record multiple phone calls simultaneously.

IP Telephony – Recording Software For Short, Long Distances

Our IP telephony helps subscribers with clear transmissions of information and uninterrupted reception of the sender’s voice, and fax. These Internet technologies have the capacity to carry out the functions over the Internet Protocol’s Packet-switched connections. Traditionally, the telephonic services are conducted by making the usage of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Any individual or company’s work can be managed by installing the needful IP software. Our IP telephony products are easy-to-use and companies of different specialties can participate in providing our technologies to customers. For short-distance communication services cable TV companies, fixed service wireless operators, local telephone companies, and Internet Service Providers.

Applications of RFID:

  • Libraries.