Intercom Systems

Intercom system for residential or commercial buildings is one of the most important security features you can have. Merely having CCTV cameras and electronic locks do not complete the whole security system of your property.

Therefore, an efficient intercom system is very useful for instant, smooth flow of communication between two distantly located individuals.

Alaola offers integrated security systems to keep your premises safe from external threats so that you can have peace of mind even while away for a longer duration.

Contact us for information on how these systems can increase up security at your premises.

Advantages of Intercom System

Intercom systems are used widely across a large number of residential and commercial spaces for prompt communication between two users for different reasons. Given below are some important advantages of these security systems.

  • Helps property owners in identification and verification of their guests
  • Helps property owners in controlling intruders from accessing their properties
  • They give both audio and video management of door access
  • Greater degree of convenience
  • Eases exchange of communication
  • Helps to prevent crimes to a great extent

Whether it is a common system or a system operating on the internal network of the computer, we specify the type of system as needed and the budget allocated. We provide intercom system with voice only and intercom with voice and video with the possibility of integration with access control system.

Intercom System supplied by Alaola are made of the highest quality materials to ensure superior, accurate performance and a higher degree of reliability. All our security systems are covered under the manufacturer warranty.

Our customer support team will provide all required assistance to you in case you have your queries or facing any issues. Call us at T:(+965) 22475280, (+965) 22417340 or email: [email protected].

Basic Components:

  • Calling unit (either single or multiple).
  • Handset (monitor) unit.


  • Residential, commercial, banks, medical sector.