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Home Automation (Soon)

A home automation system combines hardware and software via a wireless network to control your home electronics and appliances through one device which could be a smartphone, tablet, or a specific central automation control hub system. These devices can be controlled remotely even when you’re not at home. Some of these work via apps, others with a voice assistant like Alexa, or Siri, and others through the main automation hub itself. There are many things that can be controlled by a home automation system and we look at a few of these below.

Types of Home Automation

Home automation options are growing by the day, and just a few of the types of devices that can be operated via a home automation controller are:


You can work your oven, vacuum cleaner, fan, fireplace, and air conditioning units—to name a few—via your phone.


See who is at the door, talk to them through an intercom, or open the door without getting up from the couch.


Open your garage door or gate before you’ve even turned the corner into your road.


Operate the blinds remotely, even when you’re not at home.

Watering systems

Make sure your lawn stays freshly watered no matter if you’re home or away.

House alarm

See and record any activity in and around your house, all through your home automation system.


Switch your lights on or off, or dim them at a whim via your smart device.


Control the temperature of your home at all times via a smart thermostat.

Energy savers

Monitor the electricity used by each device throughout the house, locate and eliminate the energy drainers, and save money in the process.

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