Advanced Electronic Locks For Hotel Rooms

Electronic locks for hotel rooms, homes, and offices offer a higher level of security that is not possible to achieve with regular locks. It’s very easy to tamper with regular locks, but with electronic locks, you are bound to experience advanced security and enhanced convenience.

Alaola offers state-of-the-art guest room control system to control access and prevent unauthorized use of a restricted space meant by random individuals. We are a leading supplier of advanced integrated security systems with professional installation and maintenance to help our clients enjoy optimal security on their premises.

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Advantages Of Electronic Locks

Electronic locks play a crucial role in determining who gets to use a designated area for a special purpose. There are certain areas in commercial buildings which are not for common use. Electronic locks keep such places safe from unauthorized access.

Given below are a few important advantages of these locks.

  • Allow increased security and only authorized access
  • Can even be used from your mobile phone
  • No fumbling with keys
  • No more worries about lost keys
  • Ease of usage


This system provides the possibility of integrated control in granting access to guest rooms, hotels and attached facilities, gates and others. In addition to controlling the access of employees and administrators.

Like any other electronic unit, automated electronic locks comprise of different components which work in tandem to deliver reliable performance. Alaola only uses high-quality products that are covered under manufacturer warranty against defective/faulty functioning.

Basic System Components:

  • Electronic lock (cylinder+handle).
  • Card encoder.
  • Portable programmer.
  • An application program to manage the system using the computer.

More Commonly Used In:

  • Hotels and Hospitals.
  • Corporate Offices
  • Luxurious mansions
  • Private Villas