Digital Locks system

The 3060 is basically composed of digital cylinders with built -in receiver, transponders (remote control), software and/or wireless keypads/fingerprint readers. The cylinder is programmed by the software to open by a transponder or a number of transponders and all you need to do is press your transponder button and the door is unlocked.

The 3060 is an alternative to the legacy mechanical locking systems which become a costly security risk if keys are lost or copied. With 3060, however, if any transponder is lost it can simply be cancelled by the software.

The system literally alters the idea of using Keys and carrying multiple keys for multiple doors. One transponder can open 64000 cylinders and any cylinder can be programmed to open with multiple transponders.


Main Benefits:

  • Quick installation: Just remove the old mechanical cylinder and replace it with the digital without any sort of damage to the door or handles.
  • For any individual, he/she can have one transponder that opens his/her office door, residence door , meeting room door , server room door and may be any other office door in another location or country even.
  • Seamless security as radio dat transmission is made tap-proof by means of the latest encryption
  • Less administration work.

Basic Components:

  • Digital cylinder.
  • Transponder.
  • Programming Software.