CCTV Solutions

Closed- Circuit Television Systems or (CCTV systems) provide the best monitoring and playback tool for any premises, locations, or even a group of people.

Any surveillance system is better to have the connection to the IP network.

This is achieved by either using IP surveillance cameras & NVRs architecture or the design which includes Analogue surveillance Cameras & IP-based dvr.

As a professional standard, we at “Alaola” do not incorporate hidden cameras, spy cameras (spy cam) i.e. No low-standard camera surveillance in our installations.

However, Spy cameras in a professional sense are a solution that can be tailored.

CCTV Cameras (security cameras) can be indoor, outdoor, fixed and/or movable.
Altern ative camera surveillance solutions are the wireless (wi-fi) security cameras. These are used in applications where running wires/cables is complicated.


Basic Components of CCTV:

  • Cameras .( Analogue or IP Camera)
  • Transmission units (UTP or fibre optics).
  • Recording devices (DVR : multiple channels and large storage capacity).
  • Control room (monitors, matrix switchers, keyboards and / or Network connections).

CCTV Applications:

  • Residential, Commercial centers, Governmental authorities, Corporates, Hospitals, Banks, etc.