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Asset Tracking System

Asset Tracking System or asset tracking is also known as asset management. It is the method of monitoring and maintaining the supplies that a business owns. It is also used to ensure the locations, status, and the information of these assets. With the number of companies in Kuwait today, choosing the best asset tracking suppliers for their organizational needs is crucial. And one way to improve their asset management is through the usage of a “radio-frequency identification” (RFID) technology. It has been the right pick in the market that offers the best functionality in tracking assets.

RFID As An Asset Tracking System

RFID is a technology wherein a reader utilizes radio waves to read and capture the data encoded on a tag that is attached to an object. It is similar to a barcoding system, but it has more advantages and functions that can be used by businesses in the market today. It can provide adequate and real-time data monitoring for business assets.

Components Of The RFID Platform

The RFID system has two parts, namely the RFID tags and the RFID reader. An antenna and circuit are used for these tags, which are utilized to send data to the RFID reader. It is categorized into two kinds: passive and active tags. Passive tags are the most used by businesses. It is because they are less expensive and smaller in size. The downside of these tags is that they have no power supply to transmit data at all times. Also, they cannot send data in feet away from places because their read ranges are shorter.

On the contrary, active tags have more power to function. They use their battery in sending a response to the reader. These tags are usually more expensive, but they have a limited lifespan than passive tags.

On the other hand, the RFID reader or the interrogator is the device that sends radio waves of a specific frequency. It converts waves into digital data. All the information collected will be transferred through a channel to a host computer system. The data will be analyzed at a later time.

RFID System Application

The application of the RFID system can be traced back to World War II. It was during that time when RFID became the most demanded technology. Due to the protocol mandated by the U.S. protection department, all businesses that sell products must be traceable by the RFID. This includes the establishments that used barcodes. Today, it is now used by different industries. It can be employed primarily in the asset tracking system, supply businesses, and counterfeit prevention used in pharmaceuticals.

RFID as an asset tracking system has come a long way since then. In countries such as Kuwait, this technology has the best potential to offer the most effective functionality in tracking the assets of businesses. Today, with the RFID system, there will be more significant rewards in cost savings and efficiencies in managing supplies.

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