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Access Control System

An access control system manages and oversees the access of the people within your building or home. The management of the building or the owners of a home can easily access the following: follow-up reports, user’s accesses, timings, encoded door access, fingerprint control system Kuwait, and many other accesses through this control system. However, if it is web-based, you can access it using the cards system, verifying the remote site.

Alaola access control system Kuwait gives the highest security and safety to its customers with the help of its technology. This security system can help you supervise the entry of an unauthorized person in your premises and protect your areas with restrictions. Alaola Security & Safety Equipment can provide you with high-quality products.

Basic Components

Alaola, an access control system, may include the following basic components to give you the safest home and workplace.

Control Panel Emergency

Control panel emergencies include emergency lights, alarm systems, etc. In times of emergencies, the alarm will be activated, and it will send an emergency message to the Central Monitoring System.


This kind of access control system can either be electrical or magnetic. Electric lock hardware allows locking and unlocking, which can be part of your access system. This electric lock will electronically unlock right after you swipe the keycard. The door can be locked or opened by encoded door access fingerprint control system Kuwait.

Also, the Alaola Security & Safety Equipment door can be opened freely if someone wants to exit to comply with the fire codes using the electric lock hardware. The hardware type can vary according to the structure of the door.

Release Devices

The Alaola Security & Safety Equipment utilizes keys to release devices when the electronic keys are recognized. If you are an authorized person, signals will be transmitted to release devices.

Management software

Mostly, it controls the time, location, and person who can enter the area. But what else is needed to ensure your security

There are additional features that you can benefit from. These features include your capabilities on identifying who is inside the building, lock down the building in case of an emergency, and manage the system using your smartphone.


Government Facilities

Government facilities like courts, correctional institutions, police stations, etc. need flexible security and locks, whether physical or web-based. Government facilities have a wide range of activities that require highly functional security access to protect confidential files.

Corporate and Banks

The security access of banks is always under the threat of many. The bank’s access to itself is very attentive to its visitors and employees. It has a strong access control system in terms of online and physical access.


The hotel’s access control system can determine who has the right to enter the rooms. The entire floor can be a restricted access area, which means that not everybody can enter without any access.

Mostly, hotels provide swipe cards for their visitors to access their respective rooms and elevators.


The door access helps you control people who can enter your premises. In your business, your access control system is important because it can maximize the security to every area of your premises.

If you are looking for high-quality products and technology that can guarantee your safety and security, we, at Alaola Security & Safety Equipment, offer installation of a control system for your premises. For more information about security and safety, contact us: (+965) 22475280, (+965) 22417340, or email us on [email protected]

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